Monday, May 7, 2012

DV 2013 Winners

Green Card Lottery 2013 results

As on every year, the results of the current DV lottery are now published (May 2012). USAGC will contact the green card lottery registrants of the DV 2013 (who registered on 2011) with the results of their application.

Q: I've applied to the last green card lottery, what should I do?
A: As our customer, you don't need to do anything. We will contact all the winners of the DV lottery to give them the great news. After we double checked all the applications registered with USAGC, we will contact all DV2013 applicants, including those who didn't win this year's green card lottery to inform them of their application status.


DV lottery registrants who applied until November 5th 2011 - are registered to the DV 2013.
DV lottery registrants who applied since November 6th 2011 - are registered to the DV 2014 (results will be published on May 2013)

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