Monday, April 2, 2012

H2-A and H2-B - USA working visa

USCIS announced a list of countries whose residents can get H2-a (Temporary Agricultural Workers) and H2-b (Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers) visas. With the H2 visas, one can work in the USA legally for the time frame decided by the US government.

Eligible countries:

The new list is consisted of 53 countries which are already eligible and 5 new countries: Haiti, Iceland, Montenegro, Spain and Switzerland

Argentina, El Salvador Japan, Norway, South Korea
Australia, Estonia, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Spain,
Barbados, Ethiopia, Latvia, Peru, Switzerland,
Belize, Fiji, Lithuania, Philippines, Tonga,
Brazil, Guatemala, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey,
Bulgaria, Haiti, Mexico, Romania, Tuvalu,
Canada, Honduras, Moldova, Samoa, UK
Chile, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine,
Costa Rica, Iceland, Nauru, Slovakia, Uruguay
Croatia, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Vanuatu. 
Dominican Republic, Israel, New Zealand, Solomon Islands,
Ecuador, Jamaica, Nicaragua, South Africa

Note: This list is effective on January 2012 and only for the H2-a and H2-b visas
source: The USICS

The visas on this article are only for temporary workers. If you want to immigrate the USA, you should try one of the other paths such as the Green Card Lottery.

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