Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Card - Fraudulent Marriages

Green card s are often acquired through marriage fraud, even though there are so many other ways to attain permanent residency in the United States! I guess it’s a fairly simple way, which is why it’s such common practice. It’s easy to find a US citizen who is strapped for cash and willing to marry for some money in exchange for a green card . It is illegal practice and un-necessary considering how many other ways there are to get hold of a green card. In the last few years, marriage fraud has gone up by around 50%! You can find an employee to sponsor you, enter the green card lottery or look into one of the other many ways of attaining green card status!

USAGC is an established green card lottery service that has been helping people to enter the green card lottery for almost 10 years now. For information regarding the green card lottery, please visit USAGC's Twitter account

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