Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Marriage Fraud Issue

A green card is easily and very commonly obtained by marriage fraud. There are a variety of ways that this practice can be done. You could ask a friend for a favor and get them to marry you, or maybe you can find an American citizen who is strapped for cash and willing to take part in this fraudulent act in exchange for some cash. Whichever route is taken except of course if it’s true love is illegal and apparently very popular! In the last few years, marriage fraud has risen by 49%! A much safer and honest way to get your hands on a green card would be to enter the green card lottery, where they give out 50,000 green cards annually!

USAGC is an established Green Card lottery service that has been helping people to enter the Green Card lottery for almost 10 years now. For information regarding the Green Card lottery, please visit the USAGC blog and Twitter account.

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