Thursday, November 4, 2010

Immigration and Naturalization - Top 5 places

The immigration and naturalization procedure to any destination can be an ordeal, but the hardest part is initially making the decision to emigrate. Most people would have their destination in mind prior to making up their mind about uprooting their lives. However, if you are considering immigration and naturalization to another country, but are not sure where check out our top 3 places to emigrate to:

1. USA – A very popular country to move to, with many options of how to acquire a permanent visa or a green card. The immigration and naturalization process ( varies from simple to complex, depending on which immigration route you take. The easiest way by far, is getting a green card by applying for the green card lottery .

2. Australia – The beauty of the beaches, rainforests, landscapes are next to none and on top of that, Australia has a good economy, fantastic public services and a great school system.

3. New Zealand – This beautiful country has a great standard of life. On top of that , the weather is great, living costs low and tax rates are excellent.

USAGC provides an excellent immigration and naturalization service that helps people to enter the green card lottery. For more information regarding the green card lottery or green card application please visit the USAGC blog and USAGC Twitter account.

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