Thursday, November 4, 2010

DV Lottery Tips

DV Lottery Tips

The DV Lottery admissions closed a few days ago which leaves thousands and thousands of people wondering if they will be lucky enough to win the DV Lottery and be granted with a permanent green card to the USA. So, what if you do actually win the DV Lottery? What happens next? Emigration to another country can be fairly stressful, so to help you out we have listed our top 3 tips of things to do prior to arriving in your new country.

1. Try and sort out immediate accommodation for when you arrive, so you can find an apartment, whilst eliminating the stress of finding a hotel on arrival.

2. Start looking for jobs before you arrive, make as many contacts as possible!

3. Don’t leave a trail of financial and administrative destruction behind you! Sort out all of your utilities and credit card bills.

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