Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DV Lottery now Online

DV Lottery

The DV Lottery is an official governmental program that provides up to 55,000 www.uscis.gov ( USCIS )green cards to non-US citizens from around the world. The lucky winners are chosen by random computerized selection, once a year. Previously, the DV Lottery or green card lottery results were issued by post which was far from efficient. The postal mail system was problematic as the mail was being sent to multiple geographic regions therefore often mail was often lost or would end up at an old address. In order to improve the likelihood of winners receiving notification, the system has now gone online! USAGC has been helping people with their immigration and naturalization to the US since 2003. Regardless of how you are notified, we will ensure that you are aware of your DV Lottery application status.

DV Lottery article

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