Sunday, August 15, 2010

Green Card news – A new card was ordered by the USA government

The USA government ordered a new green card from LaserCard Corporation, a primary supplier of protected identification cards / secure cards products for governments and commercial companies.

The new green card will include a new design, and new security features, to make it safer and less easy to forge. One of the most prominent changes is the color of the new card, this time it is going to be green. Another noticeable change is the new RFID security feature. The RFID feature transmits a Radio-frequency that can be detected from a few meters, this, among other things enables border security to make the border crossing checks faster and more secure.
"The new Green Card builds on the proven security of its predecessor with many technology and security innovations, plus enhanced convenience for cardholders through the addition of an RFID tag to speed land border crossings," said Robert DeVincenzi, President and CEO of LaserCard Corporation.
In addition in the past the current government is considering raising the submission fee for a USA green card. The current plan suggests increasing the green card application cost from $930 to $985. The sum for mandatory fingerprinting also would go up $5 to $85. This makes the total cost of the green card $1,070.
LaserCard Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of secure ID solutions to governments and commercial clients worldwide. It develops, manufactures, and integrates LaserCard(R) optical security media cards, multi-technology cards, encoders, peripherals, smart and specialty cards, biometrics, and modular software. The Company's cards and systems are used in various applications, including citizen identification, border security, government service delivery and facility access. is a leading Green card lottery / DV lottery service provider

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