Monday, August 16, 2010

Green card lottery application, FREE for Bloggers

Green card lottery application, FREE for bloggers!!! are offering, for a limited time, a FREE green card lottery application for bloggers!!!

The first 100 bloggers that will publish the below text in thier blog will get a free VIP green card lottery application service from USAGC.

In addition the first 50 to publish the below text will also get a free multilingual translation software, worth an additional!

So how can you get these awesome gifts? It's easy just paste the below text in your blog (between *Begin* and *End*) and send us an email with the blog post / web-page address (URL).

It's that simple! And the total gifts value is over $80 !


Green card lottery - Free for bloggers – by an Immigration and Naturalization company., are offering FREE VIP Green Card lottery applications for the first 100 bloggers that will paste this text in their blog. Hurry up – the first 50 to publish this text will ALSO get a FREE multilingual translation software. Click the following link to go to 's blog and get all the info needed to participate in this awesome offer.


* Please feel free to ADD to the above text, including a translation to your own language if your blog is non-English.

A few simple requirements:

(1) You must be an owner of the website, blog or internet column, that is older than 2 months, (or get permission from the owner).

(2) Your post must include the above text (including the links) between *Begin* and *End*.

(3) You need to send us an email to let us know that you have done this.

(4) The free green card application is providing you are from an eligible country according to the USA government rules

Yes it's that simple !

If you do not already know us, we ( are a well known company specializing in USA immigration, Green Card lottery applications, and language tools such as translation tools and English learning tools. Visit our site for more info.

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