Thursday, July 22, 2010

Green Card Lottery service provider USAGC Announces service in languages

Green Card Lottery service provider USAGC announces service in languages. USAGC's site now has full support in the 24 leading languages in the world. USAGC's website includes information on United States Immigration and Naturalization and the green card lottery or DV lottery. This information includes USA Immigration news, USA immigration requirements, green card USA eligibility test, an easy to use green card application service for non USA citizens, who wish to reside and work in United States of America and much more.

The United States green Card lottery or DV lottery is a program by the USA government. This program was conceived by the USA government to keep United States diversified. USA is a country that was formed by people who came to it from all over the world, this program's goal is to keep it diversified now, and in future years. This diversion allows USA to enjoy the benefits of having many cultures, like exposure to different cuisines, different languages, different holidays and religions and more. The Green Card lottery program gives out over 56,000 green cards a year. These green cards give their lawful owners an ability to legally and permanently move to USA. Information on the Green card application process can be found in the immigration related US government sites - www-uscis-gov and travel-state-gov. Another goal of this program is to help fight illegal immigration to the United States, by giving a legal option for USA immigration and naturalization. Each year thousands of people are arrested for coming, and staying illegally in USA. United States is considered by many to be the current leader of the "free" world. USA has great political and economical power that allows it to take part in many important issues worldwide. These factors help the leader of the free world to stay powerful, and this power gives US citizens a very high standard of living, thus making USA immigration and naturalization, and the Green Card lottery very popular.

"We are always working on improving our immigration and naturalization site and services, and we consider giving the customers a green card application service in their own language a key factor in achieving success both for our customers, and for us. " says Harry T, customer service manager at USAGC. "We hope that the Green Card USA lottery service in languages will make the Immigration and Naturalization process even easier for our customers." He adds.

Lately there have been some new developments in United States immigration and naturalization. President Barack Obama has expressed that he greatly supports giving illegal immigrants a way to become legal citizens, other than the Green Card USA lottery. This new bill can impact the lives of approximately 9Mil illegal immigrants in the U.S. The divisive bill would give illegal immigrants the ability to get legalization status in the U.S. for 6 years or more if they will successfully prove that they have "contributed" to USA's work market, USA's Army or coast guard or a contribution to the community.

USAGC is an international company specializing in USA Immigration and Naturalization service for non USA citizens. USAGC's Immigration and naturalization service offers people a chance to easily immigrate to USA and Canada, by offering a quality Green Card lottery service that ensures that your Green Card application is of the highest standards and that will not be disqualified due to errors and mistakes. USAGC's site and services include information on immigrating to the US and Canada, information on living in US and Canada, tips for immigrants and an easy to use green card lottery application service.

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