Sunday, July 4, 2010

Green Card Lottery 2011 winners by USAGC

Green Card lottery application service USAGC announces a very high success rate in the official USA Green Card Lottery 2011also known as the DV lottery 2011. The regular success rate of the official USA Green Card lottery 2011 was 0.6%; the success rate of USAGC applicants in 2011 was 2%. This shows that the winning chance of users who signed up via USAGC's service is higher by 270%!!!

According to the official data given by the USA government, in the Green Card Lottery 2011 or DV lottery 2011, 22.5% of the total applications were disqualified due to errors or faults in the Green Card Lottery application form. Applicants who registered through the USAGC service got 0% disqualifications, as USAGC's service includes examination of the forms, and ensuring that they are error free.

USAGC has already began getting in touch with the Green Card Lottery 2011 winners who applied through their service to let them know that they have won, and to assist them in the big step of legally living in USA and working in USA.

"We are very pleased with our high DV Lottery success rate" says Mo Sparrow from "We achieved this high success rate by carefully reviewing each of our Green Card Lottery application and ensuring that it is of the highest standards " he adds.

The USA Green Card is the official documentation of your permanent USA citizenship status. A person with A green card can legally live work or study in USA. These benefits can also be enjoyed by the winner's spouse. On e can acquire the official USA Green Card in a number of different methods. One can get married to an existing a USA resident, one can open a business in United Sates that will employ over 10 US citizens and invest over $500K (higher in some area's). The easiest and most common way of getting a green Card is by registering to the USA Green Card Lottery or DV Lottery.

USAGC helps non USA (or Canada) residents easily immigrate to USA and Canada legally, by providing a quality service that ensures that your Green Card lottery or DV lottery submission is of maximum quality. We will make certain that your DV Lottery or Green Card lottery submission includes all which is needed, and that it will not be ineligible due to inaccuracies and mistakes. USAGC site and services include information on immigrating to the US and Canada, information on living in US and Canada, tools for immigrants including translation tools, English learning software, USA immigration books and an easy to use green card lottery application service.

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