Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Green Card Lottery - how does it work?

Green Card Lottery - All you need to know about the green card lottery.

When you submit an application for a US Visa, you can select from a verity of Immigration classifications and select the most appropriate kind you want to apply through, such as Immigrant visas, Family based Immigration, Employee based Immigration. The most chosen category out of the above three options is the Immigrant Visa or the Green card. The Green Card or the American Visa can be obtained by taking part in a Diversity Visa Program, also known as the USA Visa Lottery or Green Card Lottery.

This Green Card Lottery program was started by the USA Congress in the year 1990. Under this Green Card Lottery Program, the winner applicants are chosen randomly or in other words a "Lottery" is conducted by the U.S. State Department, and the Green Cards are awarded to the winners. Currently this program allocates 55,000 Visas or "Green Cards" to applicants around the world, but under certain conditions and only to the list of eligible countries. The legal or official permission to stay and relish the citizenship of United States is known as Green card. This is basically an identification card that separates a legal permitted immigrant from another from an illegal immigrant.

To get a green card there are conditions to be met. These conditions are basic necessities one has to meet to become a official resident of United States, and there are also certain things you need to be careful not to do when filing for the Green Card Lottery or Visa Lottery . What you need to do is just get an on-line application form from any of the Green Card Lottery websites online, fill it correctly and submit it electronically or mail it to them.

It is very important to know that application with mistakes in them will be disqualified; this is why it is better to take an established green card lottery company to help you in this process.

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