Thursday, June 17, 2010

USA Green Card Lottery - Guide - part 2 -

USA Green Card Lottery - How does it Work?

The USA Green Card lottery is managed on an annual basis by the Department of State. Winning a green card through the green card lottery gives you a legal permit to live work and study in the USA. The Green Card lottery does not give out the USA Green Card equally, the countries that have sent the smallest amount of immigrants to the United States over the last five years will get more Green Cards. The ′winners′ of the Green Card Lottery USA will then be randomly chosen, and they then have to meet the following criteria. They must have their countries’ equivalent of a high school diploma or at least two years work experience in an occupation which requires training. Green Card Lottery winners are notified between May and July each year.

How can I apply for the USA Green Card Lottery?
People can apply for the
US Green Card Lottery online. One would need to complete the request form online. You can either present the entry yourself, or have someone submit the application for you. All the applications have to be submitted online − paper submissions are rejected. You also need to present pictures of you, your spouse and your children, in the form of a digital image.

What can get my Green Card application disqualified?
There are a few very important points to remember when applying for the USA Green Card lottery. If you submit your application more than once you will be disqualified from the process. This is considered as an effort to deceive the Green Card lottery USA. The Department of State employs highly sophisticated technology which can identify fraud. This disqualification will also be kept on record.

Another important point is that if the form is not completed correctly, if it has errors or mistakes then the entry will not be submitted. There are many categories to be completed on the electronic entry form, including personal details, employment history, education history and information on the other members of your family. All information must be correctly filled in and 100% correct − otherwise your USA Green Card Lottery entry will either not be accepted, or disqualified at a later stage.

Because of the complexity of completing the electronic form, getting digital photos, and making sure everything is present and correct, many people use the a third party service like USAGC to complete the application for them. Companies like USAGC have helped many people to easily get their USA Green Card lottery Card and live in the USA.

This article was originally posted on USAGC's Green card lottery blog.

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