Thursday, June 3, 2010

Green Card lottery service provider USAGC announces major growth

Green Card lottery service provider, USAGC, is announcing major growth in site visitors, revenues and employee quantities, due to a new marketing strategy.

Over the last year, USAGC, a major USA Green Card lottery service provider, has implemented a new marketing tactic that resulted in major improvements in the amounts of new visitors to the site who are interested in the USA Green Card Lottery. This growth has impacted the company’s revenues, which grew accordingly. To successfully handle the growth in Green Card applications, USAGC has recruited a large amount of new employees to the Sales and Customer service departments. In the last year the amount of employees has sky rocketed and is now more than 400% higher than previous years!

“In order to maintain the same quality of service to a larger amount of DV Lottery US customers we had to increase our sales and customer service teams. Of course, the higher traffic amounts also had a positive impact on our bottom line” says Mo Sparrow Marketing director of USAGC. “We are expecting further growth in the near future, as we are looking to expand our business to more US immigration services related areas” he adds.

Established in 2003 USAGC helps non USA (or Canada) residents easily immigrate to USA and Canada, by giving you a quality service that ensures that your USA Green Card Lottery. application is of the highest standards. We will ensure that your application includes everything needed, and that it will not be disqualified due to errors and mistakes. Our site and services include information on immigrating to the US and Canada, information on living in US and Canada, tips for immigrants and an easy to use green card lottery application service.

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Mark Tyler said...

Great to here good news on USAGC. It is the best professional Green Card Organization. Keep on the good work.
I wish you that USA GREEN CARD ORGANIZATION will keep on the growth.

USAGC said...

Thanks for the kind words

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