Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Green Card Lottery provider USAGC announces DV Lottery winners

Green Card Lottery or DV Lottery application service provider USAGC are starting to contact winners of the Green Card Lottery or DV Lottery 2011. USAGC are contacting the winners personally and letting them know that they have won the official USA government green card lottery / DV lottery / Diversity Visa lottery, and can now legally live in USA, work in USA and study in USA. The benefits of winning the Green card lottery / DV lottery and getting a green card can be enjoyed not only by the person who applied to the DV lottery and won, but also by his immediate family (spouse and children).

Green Card Lottery or DV Lottery application service provider USAGC are not only letting the winners know that they have won a green card, but are also helping them with the process of moving to a new country. USAGC offers the winners several tools that can improve their English including an English course, translation software and software for better English writing. In addition USAGC offers immigration books about living in USA, and (depending on their application package) a free airline ticket to the winners.

The USA Green Card is an official certification of your permanent USA citizenship status. There are quite a few ways of acquiring a USA green card: you can wed a USA citizen, you can register to the USA Green Card Lottery or DV Lottery or you can try one of the other techniques like an Employment Based Immigration process.

USAGC helps non USA (or Canada) residents easily immigrate to USA and Canada legally, by providing a quality service that ensures that your Green Card lottery or DV lottery submission is of maximum quality. We will make certain that your Green Card Lottery / DV Lottery submission includes all which is needed, and that it will not be ineligible due to inaccuracies and mistakes. USAGC site and services include information on immigrating to the US and Canada, information on living in US and Canada, tools for immigrants including translation tools, English learning software, USA immigration books and an easy to use green card lottery application service.

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