Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Card Lottery or DV Lottery guide by USAGC – part 4

Green card lottery , DV lottery Diversity Lottery is an official U.S. government program that gives out around 50,000 Green Cards or Diversity Visa cards which allow its owner to legally live and work in United States. The fact that this program is organized and managed by the U.S. government makes the official Green Card lottery trustworthy. Over the years a lot of non USA residents, took advantage of this program to realize the USA immigration dream. The USA Green Card lottery or DV lottery is available for residents of most countries. Each year the USA government announces the list of countries that are NOT eligible to participate in the green card lottery or DV Lottery. The list of the countries that are not eligible for the Green card lottery will be published after September. The non eligible countries for the DV lottery are the countries that sent the highest amount of immigrants to United States, in the last 5 years.

To participate in the USA Green Card lottery or DV Lottery an applicant must meet some criteria. There are two criteria. First, as mentioned above, he has to be from an eligible country. The second important criterion is that the applicant has to meet one of the following, either have a full high school education of 12 years or have experience in a profession that needs at least two years training or related work experience.

Many applicants for the Green Card lottery get their application disqualified due to errors and mistakes in their application. The United States government has a strict set of rules for the application. A DV lottery application that includes errors will be disqualified, and the applicant will not be able to participate in the Diversity lottery, Green Card lottery or DV lottery of that year.
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Immigration is the process where citizens of one country, legally move to live and work in another country, permanently. A person who immigrates to the country to stay there lastingly is usually known as an immigrant. Immigration in USA is part of the American motto of keeping America diversified. This is where the DV Lottery got its name from – Diversity Visa lottery.
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